New collectible t-shirt

The Crete Marathon has established the collector’s offer technical t-shirt for runners of all races (Marathon Road, Road Racing 10km, 5km. and 2.5 km). After the collectible t-shirt of last year’s 5th Crete Marathon, which was dedicated to the 200 years since the Revolution of 1821, follows the collectible t-shirt of the Crete Marathon 2022,


The Crete Marathon establishes a collectible series of medals of participation that are awarded to the runners of all races (Marathon Road, 10km Road Race, 5km and 2.5km. In each of the next five events, a letter of the word CRETE, which is engraved on one side of the medal, will be strongly displayed, creating


Dear Participants of the 5th Crete Marathon 2021, Following a very tough period, due to covid19 pandemic, we accomplished all together something that looked impossible to happen, Crete Marathon 2021! For that reason we thank you a lot! Your results and photos are available on the official Crete Marathon website You can also download

Welcome from the Chania Health Runners Association

We welcome you to the website of the Chania Health Runners Association, founded in 1993 and aspiring to spread free running and to activate the people from Chania and all over the world in this direction. The purpose of our Association is to spread mass sport through running (relaxed, rolling, jogging, walking) to people of


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