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Travelling in Chania

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In the city of Chania harmoniously mix contemporary, the Venetian, the Turkish and traditional architecture, creating a unique and attractive picture. Archaeological sites, churches, plazas and unique buildings "decorate" the attractive and full of charm city of Chania.

Especially the old town of Chania is a unique monument for which the state and local agencies are working hard to preserve and enhance the historic character of the city.

Despite the great tourist development of recent years, interventions, disasters and modern architectural concepts, the Old City has managed to maintain a very large extent the history of a person and its unique architectural character.


The city of Chania is built according to archaeological research on the ruins of ancient Kydonia, which, according to legend, founded by Kydon and mentioned by Homer as one of the most important cities of Crete, while Kydonians considered prehellenic sex.

Chania is a beautiful result of mixing Eastern-Western cultures. During the ancient times and the modern world history, the Old Port, a crossroads of five continents, Minoan breathed air at about 3000-2800 p. X.

Also at the port is lived and created one of the most important cities of ancient Crete, the ancient Kydonia as the late 7th century AD, and was broken many times by Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Turks, Jews, Egyptians and Arabs, to the late 19th century when freed.

Finally, in 1913, and with the crucial help of the great Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos, Chania - like the rest of Crete - joined the rest of Greece

The Beauty of Natural Landscape in Chania,

Strict mountains meet the deep blue sea, creating a landscape of rare beauty.The beaches with crystal clear waters, the lakes, the canyons, the rich flora and fauna, mild climate form ideal living conditions and an attractive environment that invites you to explore.

The Municipality there are also some of the major areas of natural beauty and ecological importance of Crete - integrated into the network Natura 2000 - for example, the lake of Agia, canyon Therisos and the island of St. Theodore (or Thodorou).

Worth mentioning is the Preservation of Univercity Flora Park and Fauna, which is located five kilometers northeast of the city of Chania in Prophet Elias, extending over an area of ​​300 acres, and is an important area where the flora and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human interference.


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