Thank you message from the of Chania Runners Club (SDYX)

After the successful conduct of the races of the 6th Crete Marathon on Sunday, May 8, 2022, the Chania Runners Club (SDYH) feels the need to thank:

  • the co-organizers, sponsors, supporters and suppliers for the perfect cooperation,
  • the volunteers, judges and staff for their valuable assistance,
  • the runners for their participation in the races,
  • the residents of the Regional Unit of Chania for their attendance at the parallel events and the races of the event.

All together we managed the 6th Crete Marathon to be a common success in the difficult conditions of our time.

We renew our meeting for the 7th Crete Marathon on Sunday 7 May 2023.

Thank you all for everything

On behalf of the Board of S.D.Y.X.


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