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Crete Children’s Race 2,5 km - AIMS Children’s World Races

The Organizing Committee of Crete Marathon complete the accession of the Children 2.5 km Road Race, in the AIMS World Children's Races, called "Crete Children's Race 2.5 km"...

wants to acknowledge the children´s races held by AIMS members in order to promote and develop the sport of running among the society, to approach larger communities by promoting individual children´s races in the AIMS Calendar, to encourage members to continue with this type of events in order to fulfll the AIMS principal objective that is to promote running all around the world.


 It is a children´s running movement. Crete Marathon support this Road Races series and has already completed the accession of the 2.5 km road race in the AIMS World Children's Races, called "Crete Children's Race 2.5 km".

Crete Children's Race 2.5 km of Crete Marathon, wants to contribute to the further development of the sport of children of all ages through road activities, to engage more and more children with sport, motion and running, supporting the goals of AIMS. 

  • In the Crete Children's Road Race 2,5 km, may take part underage Runners of 10, 11 & 12 years old (last three grades of primary school).
  • The registration can be done, through the school where they are attending, or by individual registration through the website of the organization and during the operation of the Registration Center 19.04.2019 & 20.04.2019 (Yali Tzamisi, Venetian Port of Chania).

Learn more about the Marathon and the other events of 10 km, 5 km and 2,5 km on the Organization's website: http://crete-marathon.gr/en 

Facebook.: https://www.facebook.com/cretemarathon 

See the Official Video of Crete Marathon 2019 in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYrdjKHQXm8 

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O.C. of Crete Marathon 2019


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