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Weather Conditions

Climate in the area of ​​Chania

The terrain and the location of Crete in the Mediterranean center have a direct impact on the climate of Chania, characterized temperate Mediterranean and particularly dry and hot, with sunshine to cover 70% of the days in a year.The winter is mild and the weather from November to March is characterized cold, but not icy, and it rains often.

The climate is mild, Mediterranean. Autumn and winter prevailing winds north and northwest, while in summer the ill winds make it enjoyable. But the divine gift of endless sunshine allows one to start their vacation from March and ends the end of October. In October it rarely rains, the weather stays warm and mild. The May and September are usually sunny, but not too warm. But the summer is quite hot and dry.

Spring is short, begins in April and lasts until the second ten days of May and is usually dry with little rainfall. The summer is very hot and dry starts from the last 10 days of May and lasts until the end of September, with the hottest month in July, more rarely in August. Finally, the fall of the end of September and is relatively warm and humid, with rapid rains during October and November.

In April and May in general, the weather is sweet and pleasant and few are the times when the clouds suddenly replaces little rain. However the sunshine on the island is among the largest in Europe, especially in areas on the south coast is approaching 320 days per year. Weather conditions, as shown in the following table allow runners from all over Greece but other parts of the world to enjoy their participation to a Road race of Crete Marathon in Chania.

Meteorological Statistics 3 years for the first 15 days of April in Chania, Crete

Average temperature - first 15 days of April

20,7 C°

Average Maximum Temperature - first 15 days of April

24.2 C°

Average Minimum Temperature - first 15 days of April 

15.6 C°

Average humidity - first 15 days of April


Total rainfall days - first 15 days of April

3,1 ημέρες

Average intensity Wind - first 15 days of April

6 Beaufort Wind Force Scale (κλίμακα Μποφόρ)


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