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Training Instructions

Before you register to join one of the Road races of Crete Marathon, we suggest you visit your doctor once again and to inform him of the commencement of the training program that you follow in order to participate in the Marathon or other Road Race.

We advise all runners, especially those over 35, smokers, former smokers, overweight people and those with a history of heart disease to undergo pre-race cardiological control.

After the necessary medical examination by your doctor will give you instructions tailored to your needs which you should follow faithfully.

  • Fixed workout consistently

After approval of your doctor, it is very important not to overdo it by following very hard coaching programs. Your workout should be increased gradually so as to reduce the risk to suffer from severe pain and exhaustion. Try to have changes and variety to your workout to avoid possible injuries, which will make you out of your training program.

  • Continuous training

A good start is the best and most effective way to build a good physical condition. Join other runners in your area and share their training program, your progress and your goals, especially the cold mornings or afternoons or days by bad weather.

  • Identify your goals

Whatever experience in road racing on the public highway, set goals and objectives to yourself, workout in this direction by giving motivation and meaning in your training program. The determination of the details of individual targets will mean for you and determine the quantity and quality of training that will take to reach your goals and also to taste the joy of reaching one in the target.

  • Set short-term goals

If one of the Road Race events of Crete Marathon, is the ultimate racing your goal, then it should be and your first race. Prepare and run in smaller events in order to maintain good racing condition while you can check your progress.

  • Build friendships with other Marathon runners

Do not Train your own! Find other runners who are preparing to run a marathon or entachteite to a group Marathon runnersin your area. So you will be able to encourage each other to define the training objectives and of course enjoyed the benefits of the support network in which you are a member.


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