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Instruction for Runners


In any case all competitors participate entirely at their own risk. The organizers are not responsible for anything that happens to participants of all Road races of the Event, regarding HEALTH issues, which are due to lack of preventive medical check. 

It is recommended to all participants to have recently undergone a medical examination, particularly in cardiology check for those over 35 years old.

During the Road Races, Medical Services and First Aid staff will be in Start and Finish area and at selected points along the routes of all Road Races - to treat any medical emergency by providing First Aid.


  • Support stations will be located along the Marathon course, starting after the 5th kilometer.
  • Bottled mineral water will be distributed to the participants at the Start and the Finish line as well as every 2,5km of the course, after the 5th km.
  • Additionally, isotonic drinks will be distributed to the participants at the Start, the Finish, as well as every 5km of the course, after the 10th km.
  • Along the route, after the 5th km and every 5km, facilities will be available for persons accompanying runners, from which they will be able to provide them with their personal drinks and supplements.


Kilometer distance indicators will be located in every 5 kilometer of the Marathon Road Race routes. Kilometer distance indicators will be located in every kilometer of the 10km & 5 km Road Race.


The time limit for the completion of the Marathon Race is 6:00 hours, (runners should have completed the marathon until 14:00) from the scheduled starting time at 8:00. 
The time limit for the completion of the 10km Road Race is 1:30 hours, (runners should have completed the 10km Road Race until 10:30)
The time limit for the completion of 5km Road Race is 1:00 hour, (runners should have completed the 10km Road Race until 13:00)

Τhe road races of the Crete Marathon Organization have been approved by the Hellenic Athletic Association(SEGAS), member of the IAAF(International Association of Athletics Federations) and they are carried out according to the regulations of IAAF- SEGAS "Competition Rules 2017-2018", as these regulations have been announced and have been come into force from 1/11/2017.

NOTE: Anything that is not explicitly mentioned in the Official Documentation's paragraphs of the Organization of Crete Marathon is subject to the Regulations of IAAF and SEGAS, while the Articles along with all their provisions, which govern the Events of Public Road Race, are automatically and universally applicable.


Place:Yali Tzamisi, Akti Tompazi, Venetian Harbor of Chania, Chania
Opening Dates & Hours: Friday 19.04.2018 and Saturday 20.04.2019 from 10.00-20.00.

All participants are required to collect exclusively from the Registration Centre their participation number (BIB Number), with their timing chip, (applies only for the Marathon, 10km and 5km Road Race), as well as the rest of the event’s material.


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